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OnlyPets.net is a Pet Product Review site, that aims to make your life easier by testing and narrowing down the pet products you may commonly buy.

Yes, there are thousands of pet products to choose from but which one is right for you?

Well, we wondered the same thing and decided to share our experiences with you.

Chief Pet Product Testers

Head Dog TesterLulu is a Poodle x Jack Russell and loves to run, jump and chew. Which makes her a perfect candidate for dog testing. Lulu loves a good food filled Kong and likes to think she the boss.

Lulu loves a good food filled Kong and likes to think she the boss.

Favorite Treat – Liver Treats

Head Cat TesterOreo is your standard black and white cat. She was a stray and clearly looks mixed breed.

Oreo loves to lay in the sun, and generally sleeps an awful lot during the day. Oreo also thinks she’s the boss.

Favourite Treat – Sardines


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