Cat Scratching Post – Popular Scratching Post for Cats

Cat Scratching PostIf you’re planning on raising a cat or if you have problems with your cat scratching your furniture, one of the essential things you should buy is a cat scratching post.

It is natural for cats to scratch as that is their nature. This is the reason why it is important for you to get a cat scratch post for if you don’t, be prepared for them scratching on everything they could get their paws on.

Why Cats Need a Cat Scratching Post

Have you ever wondered why cats scratch? Some might think that cats scratch when they’re upset or angry or just because they want to act out. But the truth of the matter is, scratching is just a habit for them as it’s their nature. One of the things that make cat scratch is when they scratch away the top layer of their claws to make way for a new layer. It is more of a habit for a purpose. Also, cats scratch when they want to mark their territory. Cats emit a certain scent that we can’t smell to mark their space.

Cats also scratch to relieve stress. The scenario here is if you don’t get a cat scratch post for your furry friend, they will end up scratching your things. Now that you know the importance of a scratch post, it is equally important to know what is the right kind of cat post to purchase.

Types of Cat Scratching Posts

You would want to buy one that has a wide base so that it can support your cat’s body weight. Common posts are made of wood and wrapped in strong fabric so that it can withstand your cat’s scratching. There are many different kinds of scratch posts from wall posts to floor posts but the most common type is the pillar style.

There are also cat posts that are obstacle designed. It is known as a cat tree. The good thing here is that your cat will get some exercise while using the post too. The cat posts with obstacle design are economical as it serves two purposes. Catnip works wonders if you want to train your cat in using a scratch post. Modern science created a catnip spray to spray the cat scratching post. You should put this post near your couch or furniture where your cat likes to scratch. There is also one called “cat repellant spray.” You can spray this on surfaces where he likes to scratch.

Some people buy a cat scratch post just because they look cute. This shouldn’t be your evaluation of why you want to purchase one. You should buy one according to your cat’s needs and which one will suit him best. One of the good measurement to determine this is to find a cat scratch post that has a fabric very similar to your carpet or furniture. Cats who like scratching carpets are keener on scratching something flat and if this is your cat, it might take a while to train him to use a vertical scratch post.

It is advisable to buy a cat scratch post in local stores near you so that you can go there and feel the material that the post has. This is the reason why buying a cat scratch post online can be tricky because the fabric may feel different from what your cat is used to.

Alternatives to a Cat Scratching Post

Another option that’s available for you if you want your cat to stop scratching your furniture is by taking him to the vet once or twice a month to have his nails clipped. The vet will cut the hooked part of your cat’s claw. That is the part which causes damage to your carpet and furniture. You can also ask the vet to teach you how to do this yourself.

Remember that this is not the same as declawing your cat. Declawing your cat is inhumane and simply cruel. Declawing is chopping off the tip of the cat’s toes. You should be able to picture now how painful that can be.

Getting a cat scratching post is really essential if you have these furry friends. It is best to introduce a kitten to using a cat scratching post as she will get accustomed to this quicker. You will save yourself hundreds of dollars or even thousands from saving your furniture from all that scratching. Choosing a cat scratching post will greatly depend on your budget and your cat’s needs.

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