Everything You Need to Know about Dog Beds

Dog BedsSelecting the right dog bed for your beloved pet can be so hard, considering there are just so many dog beds out there to choose from! And it’s disheartening to watch your dog sleep on the couch or worse, on your bed especially after you go buy and buy an expensive one.

This simple guide will give you a few ideas that discuss the types of dog beds which are available and which one might be the best fit for your furry friend.

What about the size of dog beds

Purchasing a smaller bed for your puppy would be a loss in the long-run, especially if your puppy comes from a larger breed. Your dog may outgrow its new bed without warning and you would probably have to do the whole thing all over again. So ensure the growth factor before purchasing a new sleeping space for your puppy.

So your pet is not really a puppy but is fully grown, then see that you get a bed that has enough room for your pet to stretch out and not feel congested. If you go ahead and get a smaller size then your dog may not be motivated to use it.

The shape is another consideration for your Dog Bed

Dog beds come in multiple shapes and aspects. They could be round, square, beds that resemble mini couches, beds having raised sides all the way around or dog beds without any sides at all. If your dog likes resting with its head up on a pillow, you may want one with the raised sides.

Raised beds are in fact becoming increasingly popular, particularly in shelters and dog kennels. They come in an assortment of styles and can be used by combining a pillow or by just themselves.

Raised types are nice for canines who have a hard time getting up off the floor or who live in houses that have very cold environments and also, they help pets who live in a confined area, like those mostly found in shelters.

We wanted to elaborate some more on the mini couches we mentioned earlier, it is also known as the Couch-style bed made for dogs.

These beds are the perfect luxury dog beds for small dogs, and of course, they look absolutely great.

They can mirror the design of a sofa in the living room. As you can imagine, these types of beds are very comfy and give support for a dog irrespective of the age. While this is typically custom made for

While this is typically custom made for smaller breed of dogs, you can still find some from local retailers who still store a range of these beds in other sizes.

Usually, these beds don’t come with removable covers purchasing a slip-on cover would be a smart move.

Other Consideration for a Dog Bed

Talking about the shape of the dog bed, it’s good to be mindful about how your dog normally sleeps. If it mostly sleeps in a curled up cozy circle then a round bed is, almost certainly, a good fit. If your dog likes to stretch out and sleep, then you might want a longer bed. Once again, you’ll want to keep in mind your dog’s age.

If it’s a puppy then you’ll want to consider growth factor again. Check the tag and confirm before you buy your dog’s bed. You want to be certain that the main pad can be detached and washed, at least. This is a necessary to deal with both dirt, and keeping your dog’s bed clean enough to be free of fleas.