KONG Classic Medium Dog Toy Review

Kong ClassicIn this Kong Classic medium dog toy review I take a look at this popular toy for dogs.

Yay, I get to play with my favorite toy, the KONG Classic.

You see I’m heavily motivated by food and when my owners go out they stuff my KONG with some of my favorite treats and it takes me ages to get it all out.

They tried peanut butter one time and I didn’t even need to chew the Kong, as my tongue was plenty long enough, thank-you very much. 🙂

Kong Classic Medium Dog Toy

However, the KONG Classic is so versatile as it also acts as a throw toy and yep you guessed it I fetch and bring it back, although I’m not always wanting to give it back to my owner. I think she likes to play that game.

But when I’m really bored and need something to chew, I can always count on the Kong Classic to keep me entertained. Especially when there’s a treat in there that need some chewing to coax it out.

I started with the Puppy Kong but as I grew my jaws got stronger and I soon demolished it.

Kong Classic MediumAnd because I’m only a small dog the medium sized Kong Classic was perfect for me.

Although I’ve heard you can buy a Kong in different sizes and strengths to suit your dogs’ needs, so make sure you shop around and find the right size Kong for your pet.

I actually tried the super strength Extreme Kong one time and I couldn’t actually chew it, so I soon lost interest.

And if my owner puts in a super special treat, like bone marrow, I have been known to try and bury it so I can enjoy it later. I guess that’s why there are a few Kongs lying around the yard.

Fortunately, thy are UV safe and don’t become brittle when lying around in the sun.

I love my Kong Classic and you will too.

Try the Kong Classic out for yourself and to see if a Kong is right for your dog.

Head Dog TesterAll the best